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Meet our CSBD Team!




Having started his dancing career with CSBD in 2014, Aditya took over the reigns of the school in late 2020 when the founding owner had decided to shut down the school after a tough COVID induced lockdown. Having formed and danced with several groups of his own, he wanted to continue providing the CSBD service to the Canberra community and has some exciting plans for the future ahead.



Senior Instructor - Bollywood
Been with CSBD since 2006

In her own words:
I’ve been with CSBD for the past 15 years ever since it first started in 2006! I’m extremely passionate about Bollywood and dancing, with the combination of the two being even better! I’ve been teaching adult beginners in Tuggeranong for the past 3 years now and would be delighted to welcome anyone new, or experienced, on board!



Instructor - Bollywood
Been with CSBD since 2021

In her own words:
Dance is a language I use to express how I'm feeling; whether that be happiness or excitement. I use it to feel connected to my inner self. Bollywood dance in particular is where I find comfort. I use it to release all my energy, whenever I need to freshen up. I started dancing and performing from the age of 11, typically bollywood dance. I have been teaching bollywood dance since 2015 and I absolutely love it! I enjoy sharing my passion with others. Not only does teaching allow my students and I to have fun, it also allows me to watch everyone progress with an art that I’m passionate about. Seeing them progress, makes me feel proud and this is why I enjoy teaching.



Instructor - Semi-classical
Been with CSBD since 2021

In her own words:

I come from a Sri Lankan Background. But since childhood I have always enjoyed watching Bollywood movies and listening to/singing Bollywood songs. I have been dancing Sri Lankan traditional and Bollywood freestyle / semi classical dance since I was 5 years old, and I am a self-taught dancer [mainly from those movies I watched :P]. I have watched so many Bollywood movies as a kid, to the point that I can now understand Hindi [without dialogues] to a certain extent and this has really helped me in choreographing dance routines with meaning. Outside of Sri Lankan and Bollywood dance, I really enjoy dancing Hip Hop, Salsa and Contemporary styles.

I have only been with CSBD for a short while now as a part of the Advanced Performance Crew, but during this time, I have really enjoyed being a part of the team and dancing with them. When I was given the opportunity to be a part of the instructors’ team, I couldn’t have been more excited! Dancing is my pride and passion, and I am really looking forward to sharing this passion with everyone who joins the class and have lots of fun while at it!

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